Smith Services

Smith's team and our network of the best suppliers in the country, come together to offer unique services to satisfy every customer's needs.

Smith offers services for, Design, Stationery, Printing, Finishing and Products


Smith offers an exceptional design service. All the designers are handpicked, and have years of experience within the Stationery and paper field. Our promise to you is to always provide exceptional service to accompany our breathtaking designs.


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Smith stationery services incude

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Smith has an in house Digital Printer. We can gladly accommodate any printing request up to size SRA3 and up to 360gsm. Our digital printer prints beautifully on all Papersmith and Son papers and card stocks.

We also offer Large format printing, which includes: Posters, Canvasses, Fabric, Wallpaper, Banners, Books and Vinyl Cutting and Printing.


Special Finishes are the little details that add a huge wow factor and lasting impression to any invitation, business card or paper item. Adding a special finish onto a beautiful paper item, adds a textile experience that will leave anyone speechless.

Smith offers a wide variety of finishes in-house, but Smith will manage and overlook all finishing that has to be done off site. We promises to never compromise on the quality of a project completed by one of our trusted suppliers.

smith finishing services include

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The Smith team is working on an extensive range of beautifully designed paper and fabric products which will include, Greeting cards, Notebooks, Sketchbooks, Calendars, Envelopes, Gift wrapping, Giftags and so much more!

Watch this space.